It's like Noah's Ark
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For Ships and Giggles

Colt has this adorable little friend, Landon, and today was his 4th birthday party.

The party was pirate-themed, so I expected the usual plastic flags, metallic beads, head scarfs.

And sure, there was all that…

Oh, and A LIFE-SIZE-WOODEN-CUSTOM-MADE-PIRATE SHIP [insert choir of angels].

It's like Noah's Ark

It’s like Noah’s Ark


Do you know what we had at Colt’s pirate birthday party?

Eye patches.

I’ll admit it. I was jealous.

Landon’s daddy, mommy and father-in-law built this in just a few weeks.

Yep, they just WHIPPED out a pirate ship.

Oh, and let me also mention that adorable Landon’s mommy (who is equally as adorable) is eight. months. pregnant.

What was I doing at 8 months pregnant?

Oh, sitting on my ass, that’s right.

I’ve decided that I am lame. And that I really need to dig deep for Colt’s next party.

Like, I just need to pull up my princess panties and build…The Magic Kingdom!

I’m not sure exactly where I’ll build it – since we live in an apartment?

On second thought, maybe we’ll just rent out Landon’s pirate ship, and call it a day.

Thanks Anni, James and Landon for inviting us to your awesome pirate party!!

This ship has more square-footage than my living room

This ship has more square-footage than my living room

Entrance of the vessel

Entrance of the vessel

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  • Reply Tara Bagley June 3, 2013 at 2:16 pm

    People like that are not normal; they are aliens. Run! (JK Landon’s Mommy!)
    Julie, you’re one of the best mom’s I know. Birthday parties are not a competition, or are they? Damnit…if having a kid means I have to compete with women in ANOTHER avenue of life…I’m staying on the pill! 😉

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