The Top 5 Best Worst Christmas Gifts for Kids

Top 5 Best (Worst) Christmas Gifts for Kids

Here are the top 5 gifts that your kids will absolutely love this Christmas.

They are also the top 5 gifts you will absolutely hate this Christmas.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Megaphone. This is listed first for a reason. It’s by far my son’s favorite gift he’s ever received. It’s also the gift I had to hide in the garage 10 minutes after he opened it. Read about why here.

Silly Putty. A classic stocking stuffer. It’s squishy and slimy and makes fart noises when you smoosh it against the side of the container. Your child will love it so much, he will want to take it to bed with him. He’ll fall asleep with it in his hot little hand. It will melt into the sheets, his pajamas and his hair. And then YOU will melt. down.

Legos. The perfect gift for sparking creativity in your child. An excellent way to promote hand-eye coordination. Also a great way to introduce your child to 4-letter words…when you step on that mini-fig at 6 a.m.

Nerf Guns. “Don’t shoot your sister in the face. Don’t shoot the dog in the face. Don’t shoot Nana in the face. Don’t shoot the baby in the face. Don’t shoot yourself in the face. Don’t shoot the neighbor in the face. Don’t shoot Poppy in the face…”

Fake Snow. If you live in a warm climate, this gift is particularly enticing. A great way to introduce your child to the joy of winter! Except this isn’t frozen water, it’s a can of powdered doom – capable of taking over every crevice of your home.  Watch your child toss it around, have a snowball fight, and make snow angels! Just make sure to have your flask handy.

The drum set and toy chain saw didn’t make the list, but are excellent runners up.

Can’t wait to see what Santa brings us this year! I’ll have the wine (and the vacuum) ready.


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