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The People of the Courthouse

“I have Jury Duty.”

You might as well tell your friends you have the Ebola Virus.

They will feel SO BAD for you… but will secretly celebrate that they don’t have it.

Quite honestly, I don’t mind jury “service.”

The term “service” has replaced “duty” (perhaps to sound less obligatory and more honorary?) But it’s kind of like a colonoscopy, you can call it whatever you want,

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Married White Female Seeking Gay Male Seat Mate

Have you flown anywhere lately? OMG.

On my most recent trip to Charleston, I discovered that US Airways (and maybe this is the new policy with all the airlines?) automatically assigns you to a middle seat unless you pay $25 for a “choice” seat, which is either an aisle or a window.

Annoyed, I paid the $25. I have flown enough to know that otherwise I would end up sandwiched between two obese men with Sleep Apnea.

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