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Why Every Little Boy Needs a Fort Kit

Over the last three years, we have spent approximately $107,499.99 on crap… with which Colt never plays.

Cars, trucks, balls, trains…

Springy-flashy-bouncy-things that vibrate and roar and come with 2,000 tiny parts.

And then we have spent another $25,499.99 on storage bins and lids and labels and baskets to compartmentalize the crap, so that my mother doesn’t call the fire inspector.

And despite all this excess,

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It's like Noah's Ark
Baby, Birthday Parties, Children's Toys, Love, Marriage, Mother, Parenting, Toys

For Ships and Giggles

Colt has this adorable little friend, Landon, and today was his 4th birthday party.

The party was pirate-themed, so I expected the usual plastic flags, metallic beads, head scarfs.

And sure, there was all that…

Oh, and A LIFE-SIZE-WOODEN-CUSTOM-MADE-PIRATE SHIP [insert choir of angels].


Do you know what we had at Colt’s pirate birthday party?

Eye patches.

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Colt in his Kitchen
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Siri Lives in My Kid’s Kitchen

Today I bought my son a play kitchen.

Yes, times have changed.

When I was a little girl they only made kitchens in pale pink and purple. Today marketers recognize that lots of women are staying late at the office and just as many men are at home making dinner.

Such is the situation in our home. Mommy is often working late, and Daddy is usually home making dinner. 

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