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Beach Babe or Bag Lady?

There are many blog posts on what to bring on a family beach trip.

Posts like “How to Pack the Perfect Beach Bag in under 30 minutes” and “The Ultimate 10-Item Beach Packing List” and “7 Essentials for A Family Day at the Beach.”

We took our son to the beach the week after Christmas (because it’s 90 degrees in the dead of winter) and I can tell you, all of these articles are…ahem…crap.

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Taking Your Child to Ybor City

Is a terrifying prospect for those of us from Tampa. But if you go on a Sunday afternoon armed with a family scavenger hunt it’s not so bad.

My son is 5, but you could change this up depending on your child’s age (or you could make it an “adult” hunt by adding line items like “local brewery”, “rainbow flag”, “panhandler” and “drag queen.”)

Colt squealed in delight every time he spied something from our list,

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Go Visit a Friend Right This Minute

I just got back from visiting one of my best friends in Chicago.

It wasn’t for any particular reason other than her husband was out of town, and we missed each other.

Taking a trip alone to visit a girlfriend feels different after you’re married and have children.

It feels wonderfully exciting because it doesn’t happen very often.

And it feels terrifying because your plane could nosedive into the Atlantic at any moment leaving your child motherless forever.

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Destin-ation 2015
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What it Means to Be Best Friends Forever

I have a hard time with change in my personal life.

Two examples: I married my first real boyfriend, and I’ve had all the same friends since middle school.

When I find a good thing, I just can’t let go.

Like how I feel about Gain laundry detergent and Hebrew National Hot Dogs.

Most friendships disintegrate over time.

Looks tarnish. Picture frames get dusty.

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Married White Female Seeking Gay Male Seat Mate

Have you flown anywhere lately? OMG.

On my most recent trip to Charleston, I discovered that US Airways (and maybe this is the new policy with all the airlines?) automatically assigns you to a middle seat unless you pay $25 for a “choice” seat, which is either an aisle or a window.

Annoyed, I paid the $25. I have flown enough to know that otherwise I would end up sandwiched between two obese men with Sleep Apnea.

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Can't Put a Price on Great Friends!
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Oh, For the Love of Money

This past weekend one of my besties got married at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, FL.

I knew it was going to be a high class affair, and I also knew I’d be spending some time with my just married, child-free friends who still have money… and abs.

I prepared in every way possible. I bought a new dress (albeit a $24.99 dress from Forever 21), purchased new accessories,

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