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Hot pink New Balance
Whims and Fancies

Been Gone for a While, Now I’m off the Couch

I’ve been gone for a while – absent from the blogosphere for more than a year!

Why, you ask?

For many reasons, including but not limited to….laziness, depression, change in priorities, loss of interest, headache, fatigue…

Basically all the side effects of Cialis.

But now, I’m back!  A year older. A year happier. A little fatter.

Speaking of…I just started the Couch to 5k Running Plan.

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pink slippers
Whims and Fancies

My Ass in a Tutu – Coming Soon

The hardest part about taking an adult ballet class is finding a leotard.

After two hours and five stores, my friend Brittany and I had lost all hope.

Why did every store clerk look at us like we had some weird fetish?

Stop treating us like pedophiles, and tell us where your pink tights are located!

Our last ditch effort was the local Wal-mart. We risked our lives going there after dark,

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