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Jesus Wouldn’t Hock Loogies

Spitting. One of the many few topics, in which my husband and I disagree.

Specifically, the appropriateness of it.

He believes that phlegm needs be expelled. That it will somehow make you sicker to swallow it.

It must leave the body immediately. In the parking lot. On the sidewalk. In the kitchen sink. Out the car window.

Apparently every player of every Major League Baseball team in America  is under the same guise.

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The Marriage Advice You Didn’t Ask For

Yesterday was my sister’s bridal shower.

I am so thrilled that she found Dan. It’s obvious that he loves her in the same way we do – for her quirky, air-heady, adorable nature.

And as we celebrated the start of her looooooong journey. I started thinking about what makes a good marriage.

Sis, here’s my advice.

1. There will be a day that you wake up and can’t stand your husband.

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