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Middle of the Night Madness

It’s 2-o-clock in the morning.

I “went to bed” at 10:30, but I’ve already gotten up twice to pee. And once to check that the oven is off. And once to make sure the front door is locked.

I’ve jussssssst started really sleeping…like rapid eye movement sleeping…like dreaming about Channing Tatum’s nether-regions sleeping…

When I hear it.

The blood-curdling scream of my toddler from the other room.

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How to Curse Around Your Toddler

Before you go calling Child Protective Services, you should know that I don’t condone swearing.

Ok, that’s not true.

I don’t condone swearing around children.

That’s what my blog is for. And no, I haven’t figured out what I’ll do once Colt is old enough to read this online (which will be like next week.)

As a child, I don’t remember my parents cursing.

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Colt in his Kitchen
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Siri Lives in My Kid’s Kitchen

Today I bought my son a play kitchen.

Yes, times have changed.

When I was a little girl they only made kitchens in pale pink and purple. Today marketers recognize that lots of women are staying late at the office and just as many men are at home making dinner.

Such is the situation in our home. Mommy is often working late, and Daddy is usually home making dinner. 

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