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For Christmas, a Wee Wee for Mommy.

Colt is fascinated by the fact that I don’t stand up to pee.

Those of you who don’t have kids are probably thinking, “EW. Why are you letting your son watch you go to the bathroom?”

First of all, to potty train your child, you have to SHOW him how to do it, so there’s that…

But even when the training is over, I can’t just lock myself in the bathroom and let my kid run free?!!!!

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Potty Training Saturday
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Potty Now.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything, but it hasn’t been for lack of material!

The most substantial milestone in my life since I last wrote has been potting training Colt (and finding the perfect pair of mustard skinnies at TJ Maxx, but that’s for another blog.)

I knew it was time to look into potty training when Colt was waddling around like he’d just gotten off a horse –

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